Q-Box orange front


This Q-Box(Helper Location Signal Transmitter) was selected as a project to develop the “Independent power device for distress situation in natural disaster task (Project number: 10050918)” of the National Security Enhancement Technology Development Project.

Q-Box developed the world’s first personal portable SONAR dispatching disaster signal transmitter by developing a KIT that can transmit radio (RF) and underwater sound (SONAR) from a distressed location.


Small Hydro Power Generator

It consists of a number of islands like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines.
Power supply and demand is not received by itself At a reasonable cost as a nation
Suitable for natural environment and sustainable Power generation facilities are needed.

Tae chang net replace existing power plants in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines
At a reasonable cost With permanent power supply
Sale of small hydro power facilities and infrastructure construction
We are in business.

Small Hydro Power Generator